Keno Online

Playing Keno online has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Keno is a game that originated in China and was brought to the States by Chinese immigrants many years ago. It is highly similar to the lottery with a little bit of the bingo flair thrown in. It is a game that basically requires no skill, which is one of the reasons why so many people love it. Also, the chance for a large payout on a minimum bet is very likely with Keno online.

Keno cards have 80 numbers which are randomly drawn. As the player, you can typically select up to 15 numbers that you want to play. These numbers are called “spots”. Some casinos allow betting as low as $0.05 while others may require $1 minimum bet. Once you have chosen your numbers and have submitted them, all you do is wait for the drawing to take place. If your numbers come up, you will win. You do not have to have all of your numbers drawn in order to win; however, you will need to have a certain percentage of them drawn or your ticket will not be a winner.

To learn more about how many numbers you will need to match in order to win, you will want to check with the online site that you are playing at as this varies. Also, the number of “spots” that you can play varies by casino too.

Keno online is a simple game that does not require a lot of knowledge or skill, like craps or other games, in order to win. It is still fun as the payouts can be large for a minimum bet. Some casinos you can win up to $50,000 for a $1 bet. There is a bit of confusion on the odds of winning for Keno when it comes to the differences between Keno online and Keno in the casinos. It has been stated that the probability rates for winning online are much higher than winning offline; however, with 80 balls and a certain amount being drawn during each game, some say the odds are not any different.

If you are a beginner with online gaming, this is probably one of the easiest games for a person to play because it does not require a lot of knowledge. Keno online is perfect for beginners in the online gaming industry. One really simple rule for beginners is to cash your winnings in in a timely manner. Because Keno typically has a five minute wait time between draws, once the next drawing takes place, you will not be able to cash in your previous games winnings (unless you have purchased “special” tickets such as “stray and play” or “walk away Keno”. So, you do have to pay attention to the numbers that are being drawn and when you become a winner, do not hesitate; celebrate later and cash your winnings in first! Most of all, have fun and watch your bankroll; be responsible with online gaming.

The Grand Vegas Casino Review

Grand Vegas is a Vegas Technology powered casino that offers great video poker selection. Grand Vegas belongs to the prestigious Hambledon Group that also owns a chain of other well known online casinos. The bonuses could have been a lot better but the game selection offered is actually quite impressive. With single hand as well as multi hand video poker games along with a wide range of other games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, red dog, baccarat and various other games, Grand Vegas is an exciting casino for players who want a lot of variety in their gaming experience.

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