Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming casinos are one of the largest in the industry. Their portfolio is packed with over 300 games for consumers to take advantage of. They also plan to release a couple of new games each month in order to keep the customers coming back for more.

Microgaming casinos software offers a large variety of different games for the players. One can choose anything from table games, such as blackjack or roulette, to video games, such as their slot machines, which happens to be some of the best in the industry. They have cornered the market on progressive online slots which has attracted much attention as players are flocking to their sites in hopes of winning millions of dollars.

Microgaming casinos can vary from site to site when it comes to the bonuses; however, the terms are usually very similar. Most of the time they offer a 100% match bonus on your first deposit as you sign up; other bonuses are typically available upon your second and third deposits as well.

Their software is available in both flash non-download and a full downloadable package for both free money play and real money play. The software is some of the best in the industry as it offers cool graphics, great sound, and amazing animation. You will actually feel as if though you are sitting in an actual casino. Many of the games that are available offer bonus features that will keep you wanting more because it will not only allow you to be entertained, but with the bonus features, the payouts can be exciting!

They also offer prizes and other special offers for your credits that you have accumulated, which you can then trade in for some fabulous prizes. This is a way that Microgaming casinos can thank their customers for being loyal to them, and also a great way for you to win big!

Microgaming casinos have been around for years; actually since around 1994. Today, they partner with hundreds of online casinos by providing them with the software needed for their industry. If you are looking for online casino games that “feel” real and that payoff like regular casinos (in many cases the payoff is better online) then Microgaming casinos is perfect for you. Some of the partner casinos require larger deposits to begin; however, some are absolutely free, but you will not win any cold hard cash; it’s simply for entertainment purposes only. Deposits can be as low as $10 in some cases.

Now is the time to play the real way and experience the amazing graphics and animations that are available in the Microgaming casinos software that you can download for free. So, if you are ready to play and experience what so many of your peers are already experiencing in the world of online gaming, make sure that you visit a Microgaming casino and get started today. Remember, to play responsibly if wagering cash when it comes to online gambling and online casinos, no matter which one you choose to play at.

All Jackpots Casino Review

One of the other casinos that also offers a good range of blackjack games is the All Jackpots Casino. Offering a multitude of games, the casino is powered by Microgaming which has always been considered to be among the best in the world of online gaming because of its innovative games, good features and smooth applications. The casino offers over 200 varieties of games which includes 20 different versions of blackjack so that players would be able to select a game that they are comfortable with. It also offers impressive progressive jackpots and a huge range of slot games.

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