Rival Casinos

Rival Casino brands gaming software for the casino gaming industry is actually considered to be one of the “new kids on the block”. They did not hit the scene until 2006, but even though they were a late comer (as compared to many of the other casino gaming software companies in existence) to the industry, they are still a crowd pleaser and are continuing to attract more and more new customers as each day passes.

In order to obtain recognition and to grow in popularity, Rival casinos are looking at the competition in a different manner. They are not being influenced, whatsoever, by being the “new kid on the block”; instead they are actually inspired by the competition. They have set their sights on pushing the limits and raising the bar for the area of online gaming, in order to gain attention in the industry and with the consumers. Their arsenal of online gaming software includes over 50 games, and some are old games with a new twist. All games are inviting and easy to play. They have incorporated vibrant, amazing graphics and sound into their games in order to attract attention and keep the consumers coming back and wanting more.

One of the most popular games that is offered by Rival casinos is their Islots, which is available in different versions. The “I” in the name stands for “Interactive”. These slot machines have a storyline incorporated into them, which the player can control. Not only are the customers interactive with the game by controlling the storyline, they are also entertained through mini-games which enhances their gaming experience. All of the Islot games are multi-reel and multi-line playing machines which gives the player many different ways to win cash with each spin of the reels.

Rival casino gaming caters to their clients in more ways than other casino gaming software companies because their software is available to both PC and Mac users. Rival casinos are all about the player and their experience. They offer 24/7 service for the players to make deposits or withdrawals or just for assistance.

When it comes to security for the players of Rival casinos, the programs being used are actually the best in the business right now. Players financial information, histories, background information, and more is highly protected by Rival’s Rival Pro Security System and Rival IdentiPrint. Rival’s random number generator (RNG) incorporates secured encryption making Rival Casino’s games completely, 100% fair for the players.

Although Rival casino may be new to the industry, they are certainly not to be overlooked. Their unique gaming experience and highly secured features that are offered to the players, make them stand out in the crowd of casino gaming manufacturers, whether they are “the new kids on the block” or not. Since their only focus is on casino gaming software, the players of Rival casino games will enjoy an enhanced gaming experience. You will not find Rival powering bingo rooms and such. Being focused on one niche means that they pay close attention to detail in order to provide their players with a top quality, online gaming experience.

The Intertops Casino Review

The Intertops Casino is known to be the first online casino to take sports bets. The casino had been launched in 1996 and is believed to be one of the most experienced and well known casinos today. The downloadable casino is powered by Real Time Gaming which is regarded highly in the gambling world. The colors and graphics are very vibrant and smooth which attracts the players. Acclimatization to the casino is easy and quite simple. Players will be able to find around 300 different games on this online casino. The prize money to be won in total is more than $7 million. The games include Keno, Craps, Pontoon and several more.

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